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14.Fox News: Is being criticized as longtime anchor “Geraldo Rivera uncovers bias and internal strife”.


Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera

Fox News is being criticized as longtime anchor Geraldo Rivera uncovers bias and internal strife.

Popular right-wing network Fox News is facing criticism after longtime host Geraldo Rivera revealed bias and internal strife at the company.

Rivera revealed a hostile workplace where his co-hosts were unfairly favored in an open interview with The View on Thursday, casting doubt on the network’s dedication to unbiased reporting. The discoveries shed light on the difficulties encountered by journalists in a polarized and contentious media environment.

“‘My appearances, I had two or three scheduled each week, then bi-weekly, then monthly, but they kind of vanished and were canceled on the last day, right before I was due to go on, so I was extremely, he observed.

On the panel show “The Five,” Rivera disclosed that he had a tense connection with a male co-host. He claimed that his co-host always seemed to receive preferential treatment from network management, which made him angry over what he felt to be unfair judgment in their conflicts. He did not reveal the co-host’s identity, but during his tenure on the show, he constantly disagreed with Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld.

Rivera addressed his worries about bias on Fox News and how it affected their coverage during the conversation. “I thought it was extremely unfair that I was not judged impartially in our disputes, but rather he was always favored, and I was the one who was suspended three times,” he claimed. These comments

These comments draw attention to the network’s internal dynamics and cast doubt on the objectivity of its reporting procedures.

Throughout his long career as a journalist, Geraldo Rivera has achieved a number of noteworthy feats. He received widespread acclaim for his in-depth reporting on the appalling circumstances and patient abuse at the Willowbrook State School in Staten Island and Letchworth Village in Rockland County. He received praise from the public and a Peabody Award for his brave exposés that raised awareness of these pressing problems.

A major incident in Rivera’s career was his contentious interview with Casey Anthony, in which he harshly criticized her behavior. He also bravely faced racism during a discussion on his talk program, where he stood up to a guest’s offensive remarks and was reprimanded resulting in a broken nose.

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