Nancy Mace's Premarital Sex Has Furious Conservatives.

Nancy Mace’s Premarital Sex Has Furious Conservatives.

Nancy Mace's Premarital Sex Has Furious Conservatives
Nancy Mace’s Premarital Sex Has Furious Conservatives

When the Republican lawmaker discussed skipping her engagement to make it to a prayer breakfast on time, it sparked a commotion.
WHO Among US hasn’t skipped a short breakfast to get to work on time? At Sen. Tim Scott’s (R-S.C.) prayer breakfast on Thursday morning, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) spoke about her personal predicament.

“Patrick, my fiancé, tried to pull me by my waist this morning in bed when I woke up at seven,” Mace recalled. “I was like, ‘no baby, we don’t have time for that this morning, I’ve got to get to the prayer breakfast.'”

“He can wait, I’ll see him later tonight,” she continued.

Even though the comment might have been a touch too personal, conservative influencers reacted with utter contempt. You see, Mace, 45, committed the critical error of acknowledging that she, an adult woman, has a sexual life apart from marriage. We are positive that no other right-wing commentator has ever done this.

In response to a video of the incident, Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer tweeted, “That’s some hoe talk.”

A conservative comic with over 800,000 followers, Tim Young, commented, “Here’s your daily reminder that Nancy Mace is trash.”

How considerate of @NancyMace to postpone fornication in order to be on time for

brunch with prayers for @votetimscott. That old song’s phrase, “E’rybody talkin’ ’bout heaven ain’t going there,” by Pastor Tom Ascol comes to mind.

Podcaster Graham Allen stated, “Mace just said she turned down sex from her NOT husband but her fiancé this morning.” “What is a sin for $500 Alex?” I’ll take that.
By tweeting on Thursday afternoon that she attends church “because I’m a sinner not a saint,” Mace herself appears unfazed by the incident.

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