Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitutionOhio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution
Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution
Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution

According to the Associated Press, Issue 1 was defeated by Ohio voters on Tuesday night. The no vote rejects a proposed constitutional amendment that would have made future additions to the Ohio Constitution more difficult to pass.

This means that when it comes up for a vote this November, an amendment that might enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution will need to succeed by a 50% plus one margin
The number of registered voters in Ohio cast ballots in greater numbers than expected in this special August election called by a supermajority of Republican state lawmakers who oppose abortion.

Some of same politicians only a few months earlier passed legislation to eliminate most August special elections due to low turnout and excessive expenditures.

When lawmakers were unable to adopt a resolution in time to place the constitutional amendment on the May primary ballot, they shifted their focus to August.

Following a lawsuit filed by opponents, the Republican-dominated Ohio Supreme Court said Tuesday’s special election may take place because the new law prohibiting August special elections does not apply to lawmakers proposing a constitutional amendment to voters.

There were issues at some polling booths on Tuesday morning.
Policy Affairs Manager Nazek Hatasha for theAccording to the Ohio League of Women Voters, some poll workers turned away voters due to uncertainty regarding a photo ID requirement. This was also part of the law that prohibited most special elections in August.

“They had the proper identification but were turned away because their driver’s license had not expired but did not have a current address,” Hatasha explained.

According to Hatasha, there was an issue with curbside voting signage at numerous polling locations, so voters who required assistance were unsure where to park or how to obtain that service. She also stated that there were concerns with lineups at some polling stations in metropolitan areas, particularly where precincts had been relocated or combined.
Because the state had said that it had not met its poll worker objective, it was expected that some localities would be short on poll workers. Hatasha stated that the new voter identification requirement made things even more difficult.

“Anyone who has ever worked as a poll worker, whether experienced or new, needs a higher level of training,” Hatasha added.
According to Mike West, manager of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections’ outreach section, there were difficulties in recruiting enough poll workers for this election. New voter regulations and voting machines exacerbated the situation.

“At a couple of locations, it took them a few minutes to get the scanners up and running because these are brand new scanners, so all of the procedures are new for our poll workers,” West explained.

West stated that the scanner issues did not cause any delays and that all of the scanners were operational. Summit County experienced similar scanner issues, but they were resolved early in the day.
This election had a greater turnout than expected. Some Republicans in power predicted that the focus on Issue 1 would increase turnout.

Even yet, Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose, a key supporter of Issue 1, said the weekend before early voting began that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if turnout was similar to last year’s legislative primary. The statewide turnout in the August 2022 election was 7.9%.
This time around, early voting on Issue 1 increased turnout. Nearly 700,000 Ohioans voted early, which was five times the entire turnout in August.

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