Gigi Hadid
The marijuana arrest of American model Gigi Hadid and a pal does not ruin their trip to the Cayman Islands.
Gigi Hadid is arrested


Gigi Hadid is arrested-

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico After being detained for marijuana possession and then freed by local authorities, American model Gigi Hadid and a friend continued their trip to the Cayman Islands.

Hadid was detained when Customs and Border Control officers checked her luggage and discovered a small amount of marijuana, the government said in a statement on Tuesday. Hadid traveled from the United States on a private plane.

The 28-year-old model’s legal name, Jelena Noura Hadid, was revealed by authorities.

Hadid and her companion arrived in the Cayman Islands on July 10, and on July 12 they entered a plea of guilty to bringing in a prohibited substance and a drug accessory. Authorities stated that they were fined more than $1,200 and that there was no conviction.

It’s all good that ends well,” Hadid wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, posting a picture of herself and a pal at the beach.

According to a reports, Hadid obtained the marijuana legitimately in New York City using a medical license, and her record is still spotless.

In May 2017, the Cayman Islands legalized medical marijuana; however, recreational use is still prohibited. For a first offense, local regulations mandate a prison term of up to a year and/or a fine for possession of up to 12 grams of the drug.

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