Best Song of BTS suga min yoon-gi

Best Song of BTS suga min yoon-gi

Daechwita- In 2020, Daechwita had seized control of the K-pop market. This well-known song from "D-2," his second mixtape, combines conventional Korean instrumental elements.

"D-Day."- Suga's current comeback was a smash with the song Haegeum from his debut solo album, "D-Day." It perfectly captures the idea of realizing unrealized potentials

The That- The With this song, Suga and PSY officially collaborate. It is among the top 167 tracks that Suga has made. Featuring a cute MV and a catchy chorus

Seesaw-trivia. Because the rapper sings on this hit from the BTS album Love Yourself: Answer, Suga fans love it.

"Eight,"-Suga produced the Grammy-winning song which also features Suga. Take a listen to this song to enjoy IU's smooth vocals

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"Burn It"- by Agust D featuring MAX. An initial pleasant interaction between Suga and MAX developed into a fantastic musical opportunity for both of them. Section two of Agust D's

Intermission: Shadow It is an insightful rap song that serves as the album's opener, "Map of the Soul: 7" by BTS. Suga discusses his worries 

First Love-The solo song by Suga on the Wings album is titled First Love. The piano in his boyhood home served as his first love, as the book's title suggests. It is a moving tale that vividly depicts their romance and his passion for music.