Korean corn dog is a trendy Korean street food. It’s filled with cheese and sausage, then coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs. This delectable sweet and savory treat is gaining popularity worldwide. 

If you’re a fan of street food, Korean corn dogs, also known as Korean hotdogs, are a must-try. These aren’t your average corn dogs – oh no. They elevate the classic American version with a crispy texture, sweet-savory flavors, and unique toppings and fillings.



All-purpose flour Instant yeast Sugar: to add sweetness to the batter Salt: to season Panko breadcrumbs: to coat the corn dogs Potato: use frozen French fries, no need to thaw Sausage or hot dogs Cheese: use any soft, meltable cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, or pepper jack in block form. You can also add thin cheese slices, to wrap around the hot dog if you like. I recommend using single American cheese slices since they sticks better than other variety. Ketchup and mustard: for use as condiments

1.Cut the hot dogs in half and cut the cheese into similar-sized pieces. Skewer the hot dogs and cheese on sticks, with the hot dogs on the bottom and cheese on top. You can also come up with different combinations or use only hot dogs. For an octopus-shape, cut the bottom 1 inch of the hot dog in a cris-cross pattern. If using cheese slices, wrap the cheese around the hot dog and squeeze tightly to secure.


2.BATTER Consistency matters for Korean corn dogs. The batter should be loose yet not runny, coating the hot dog and cheese evenly. It should not slide off or become too thick, guaranteeing a crispy outside and gooey inside.  Use square or oval pan that is long enough for the corn dog skewers to roll around in a twisting motion.

FILLING SKEWERS Any long, sturdy stick or skewer, such as bamboo skewers, can be used. Alternatively, you can use disposable wooden chopsticks to make the skewers. Ensure the skewers accommodate the hotdog and cheese. Check if they fit the frying pan for deep frying. Trim excess length if necessary. Pro Tip: If making different varieties, it may be helpful to color-code the skewers for easy identification.

3.CHEESE Use any soft, meltable cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, or pepper jack. The classic combination is half cheese and half hot dog, but feel free to experiment with different ratios and flavors.

4.COATING THE SKEWERS IN BATTER I found that making the batter in a baking pan is easier than using a cup. Dip the skewers into the batter and roll them around as you gently lift them from the batter.

Achieving an even coating can be tough, but it’s fine to use your fingers for help. Watch my tutorial video for guidance. 5,FRYING Fry corn dogs immediately after assembly to maintain their shape. Avoid assembling all before frying to prevent falling apart or misshaping.