The music video for "SEVEN" has BTS member Jungkook trying his absolute hardest to win back his ex.

BTS member Jungkook, whose solo song "SEVEN" features American rapper Latto, released it this past Friday, April 14.

Han So Hee, a singer and actress who has been in "Apesar de Tudo, Amor" and "My Name" among other dramas, plays the boyfriend's girlfriend in the video.

The singer pursues love despite the fact that they appear to be breaking up at the beginning of the song and things are falling apart all around him, including moments where he is dangling from a train window and water is flooding the room. their location.

When rapper Latto delivers his verse, for example, it garnered notice and generated laughter from fans.

Lyrics at Jungkook's burial; his lover is sobbing as he lies in a coffin. But as soon as he stirs, she quickly forgets her sorrow and returns to worrying about his behavior.

Solo Works of Jungkook Although the youngest member of BTS' solo career has officially begun with "SEVEN," there are other works that you should be aware of. "Euphoria," "Begin," and "My Time" are all included in the group's discography. The song "Stay Alive" by the vocalist and SUGA is featured on the soundtrack of the webtoon "7 Fates: Chakho" (an online comic book). With the song "My You," JK has already written a heartfelt tribute to her fans. She also collaborated with Charlie Puth on the tune "Left and Right."presenting the competition's official theme at the World Cup's opening ceremony in Qatar,