Women's Cup: Mother of Jamaican player creates online kitty to help with national team expenses

Without full support from the country's soccer federation, Caribbean team appeals for donations from fans to defray tournament costs Jamaica have played just one match at the 2023 Women's World Cup, but it's already possible to say that the Caribbean team's campaign is historic.

 By holding a surprising draw against the powerful France, the team won its first point in the history of the competition and qualified for a dispute for the first places of Group F, which also has Brazil and Panama.

The fairy tale experienced by the players on the pitch, however, is far from reflecting the situation faced by the national team off it. Without the full support of the Jamaican Football Federation, which did not bear all the costs of the tournament, it was left to the mother of midfielder Havana Solaun to think of a solution to the team's financial problems.

Her idea? To open an online kitty so that Jamaican fans and supporters could contribute to the national team. Sandra Phillips-Brower created the campaign called "Reggae Girlz Rise Up" and earned $ 50,000, something around $ 238,000.

On the GoFundMe page, Sandra states that the players are aware of the donations and that, together with the delegation, they will decide how best to allocate the funds collected. "The outpouring of support for the Reggae Girlz has been spectacular. Thank you all for promoting systematic international support for these wonderful young women," the mother wrote in one of the posts.

Jamaica's next clash is against Panama on Saturday the 29th. And then, the Caribbean team faces Brazil on Wednesday, day 2, in its last game of the group stage

Mother of Jamaican player creates online kitty to help with national team expenses

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